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Q & A

Q: What server is Heroes of Ingar on?
A: We are currently on the Liberty server.

Q: Do you have coalitions with high ranking super groups?
A: Most definitely! We are teamed with several super groups in the top 100 rankings list.

Q: What is your current super group rank?
A: Right now we are between 65th and 68th depending on when rent is due.

Q: What times do most Ingar members play?
A: Our most active members play between 7pm and 12am eastern time. But you can almost always find someone on.

Q: Do you do team often?
A: You bet! We have events to promote and encourage team play.

Q: Do you use voice chat?
A: We are currently using a vent server hosted by one of our members. feel free to get on and chat whit us. [Note: You must be 18 or older to chat with us, unless you have your parents consent.]

Upcoming Events


Event: Villains of Ingar: The Beginning
Date/Time: Saturday March 24, at 10:00pm eastern / 9:00pm central time
Requirement: Players must be a level 4 villain or less.
Host: Mithrar
Points: 2
Overview: Rah`al is calling forth an army! Sent to find, identify, and eliminate those who refuse to accept His wise and benevolent rule. The Heroes of Ingar can stand against him but never thwart his plans, we shall rule the Rogue Isles! (Rah'al will be wearing the new Villain Uniform)


when signing-up leave the name of your toon that will be attending the event in the comment area. [Sign-Up for the next Event]